What Types of Speakers Attend Conferences in Northern Virginia?

Conferences come in all shapes and sizes, from international to regional, and internal to external. But no matter the size or scope, they all have one thing in common: speakers. Speakers can be informative, inspirational, storytellers, and much more. So what types of speakers attend conferences in Northern Virginia?The Washington Convention Center and Gaylord National Resort Convention Center are two popular venues for conferences in the area.

At one such conference, a table contained 36 books at the beginning and was reduced to six at the end. This was thanks to the hard work of Mike Irwin and Esther McCullough, members of the conference committee. The conference also included a comprehensive chronology of the War of 1812, which was included in the packages of attendees. Additionally, trivia awards included a CD by keynote presenter Ron Maxwell from the county's first history conference in 2004. The Conference Planning Committee included Barbara Naef, Anne Barnes, Esther McCullough, Naomi Zeavin, Mike Irwin, Phyllis Walker Ford, Jenée Lindner, Carole Herrick, Mary Lipsey, Susan Gray, Elizabeth Crowell, Sally Lyons (who graciously allowed the use of her late husband's Civil War-era artifacts passed on to her by her mother), and Lynne Garvey-Hodge. When selecting a keynote speaker for a meeting or conference, it's important to choose someone who is known for their experience in a field or who has wide recognition due to other achievements. This will help increase enthusiasm among potential attendees.

At one such conference in Northern Virginia, the keynote speaker shared statistics that reflected difficult succession decisions in many areas of the region. This helped the audience understand how Fairfax was heavily influenced by decisions made outside its borders.

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